Monday, October 11, 2010

A Five-minute Speech

Matt Harding went all over the world and made videos of himself doing funny dances with local people. Click HERE to see his video.

Then Matt did a 5-minute speech explaining how his "silly dance" videos were organized. Click HERE to see his presentation.

Please write a comment about what you think of the video and his presentation(don't forget your name and write T2 or T3!).


  1. Hello!

    I watched the video. I thought it was very wonderful. Matt was dancing with people around the world, and they all seemed very happy. I was wondering why he was able to dance with so many people living in various countries, but I was convinced to see the 2nd video. He made his own website and asked people where they live and sent e-mail when he wants people to dance with him. Also, I thought his attempt is wonderful because he said that when he dance with children in the developping countries, he said he gave donation to school.
    For me, his speach sounded a little bit fast, but I really enjoyed wathing it.

    See you next week!

    T3 Mai Ishikawa

  2. Hi,Matt!!

    I have known him because of VISA CM.
    But Ididn't know well about his activities.
    Now I'm very impressed with the effect of his activities.
    When he danced with street children, they looked happy and feel so good.
    Furthermore, not only having fun, but also he learned the effective way of spending money for them.
    Iwant to join his activity and meet with many people‼

    Sakiko T2

  3. Hi, Matt!!!

    About the first video, I enjoyed it for all the 5 minutes!

    And about the second video, I thought his way of presentation have both good and bad points.
    One of the good things is that he drew some pictures to show the audience. Moreover, the content of the presentation was new to me, maybe to everyone, and I could get interested in it. I thought he is very special and attracting people.
    On the other hand, one of the bad things is that he was speaking too fast.

    In the next presentation, I want to attract the audience like him, too!
    Anyway I am looking forward to it.
    See you next week!:)

    Momoko, T3

  4. Hi, Matt!

    I have known him already because he is so famous!
    I recognized him the instant you mentioned his dance.
    The first video is very funny.
    I noticed that his dance varied a little according as the place changed.
    On the other hand, the second video is very interesting because I didn't know the details of his project.
    But I want to point out one thing as a problem.
    His gestures were monotonous; he used his left hand only.

    See you next time.

    Hiroshi, T3

  5. Hi,Matt.

    I didn't know that dance is from him.
    I like it because it looks funny and even make us happy.

    I'm impressed for his energetic vitality. He goes around the world. It is very hard process to make action when you hit on some new ideas. In that point, he is really respectable.

    Naruki T2

  6. Hi, Matt!

    I really really enjoyed the video!
    I thought he was a great entertainer.
    And I was surprised to see him dancing in the sea or at Korean demilitalized zone.

    I also enjoyed his presentation.
    I could listened to him with much interest
    because I had watched his funny movie previously.
    No matter who watches the video, he will get interested how the video was organized.

    Last week, we learned "how to talk."
    But, needless to say, "what I talk about" is so important as well.

    I'm looking forward to the next class.
    See you on Tuesday!

    Shu T2

  7. Hi, Matt!

    I enjoyed his videos very much.
    I was moved to see him dancing with many people in the world.
    When I saw the second video, I found it difficult for me to understand what he said, because he speaked so fast.
    But the slides made it easier.
    I realized that there is not only one style to make a speech.

    See you next week!

    Yoshimi T2

  8. Hi Matt.

    His video was enjoyable. While I was watching the first video, I couldn't help giggling though I was in the library alone. I think his dance has made many people in the world happy.
    In the 5-minute speech, he spoke a little fast. However, I was able to understand it because his pictures and illustrations were very simple and easy to understand.

    See you next week,
    Maki T3

  9. I watched the video. I like the video because it was very fun and everyone in the video was dancimg happily.
    He shew some pictures and illustrations, and I think doing this made it easy to understand what he said.

    His speach was fast, but I enjoyed the video.

    See you next your class,
    Yuka T3

  10. I enjoyed the video so much! I couldn't stop laughing whole way through the first video. I wanted to dance with him too.

    As for the second video, I liked his hand-made slides. They were so cute. But I think he should smile more like he does when he dances with people. Then his speech will become more effective.

    Mika T2

  11. I'm impressed with this video. The scene the audience starts to dance with him on the stage is really moving.
    Here is what I often think. The fastest way of making friends is to exercise together. The friends you made in club activities are often closer friends than other friends, isn't that true? The people dancing with Matt seems really enjoying the moment, and I think its one big factor is the fact that they are dancing together.

    T2, Masahiro

  12. Hi,Matt!

    I haven't knew him, but I could know what he is doing.

    Although his speed of speaking is a little bit fast for me, his slides are very simple and help me to understand what he is saying.

    I want to make a speech by using his good slides and I think I should think about my speed of talking.

    T2 Yukie

  13. Hello.

    The video was awesome. It made me happy and think "we live in the same planet and can be friends". His presentation was also good. I understood how he could made up the video. Someday, I want to travel all over the world like him, though I may not dance while traveling.

    T3 Syu

  14. Hi,matt.

    First, I'm very impressed by this first video,
    because it is very cheerful, and make me happay!!
    Second, unfortunately I can't understand his presentation perfectly, because his speech is very fast. But I could understand how it was made probably...
    Finaly, the ending of his second video is very good!!!

    T3 Mitsuaki

  15. Good evening!

    At first, I had imagined the video to be more silly something like, shaking his head or like that.
    So.. in a good sense, it betrayed my expectations!lol
    It was much sillier than I had imagined.
    I felt, wow! how simple!
    But the video itself was very impressive.
    The shot when he was swallowed up by the waves in Tonga was a lot of fun!:->
    I respect his ability to take action.
    and I was very glad to know that he'd visited a maid cafe!!!

    About his presentation, though the speed was a little bit fast, it was comparatively easy to get his speech.
    I unconsciously laughed to myself on hearing that the "take3" of children in a developing country was not available because of their innocent mischief.

    I want to stroll around the world and then spread personal relationships like him.

    Aisha T2

  16. Hi, Matt!

    I laughed at the first video. It can make both people dancing with him and people watching it happy. His idea was great. That did not occur to me.

    I think it is good to show some pictures to the audience. Pictures can make the presentation plain. The contents were also nice.
    However, his presentation was too fast. I couldn't understand until I watched it twice. If he speeks more slowly, it will be better.

    Hanwen T3

  17. Hi Matt!

    I liked the 1st video very much.I don't know why but that video was so heartwarming and cheered me up!I especially liked the parts where he dances with local children.They were so cute!

    2nd video was nice too. I did not know he had his own website to gather people around the world. I thought he randomly picked some people to dance with him. He said local people are more interesting than the sites we can see in postcards,and I totally agree with him. I want to travel around the world like that if it's possible!!

    Sayuri T3

  18. Hi Matt!

    To my regret, his speech was so fast that I couldn't catch all of what he said.

    But well, I liked the way he danced and it made me feel happy because it caused a feeling that people all over the world are connected.
    I also thought it was nice that he beckoned the audience and danced together!

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you next class;)

    Mai T2

  19. Hi,Matt!!
    I watched the video!
    The first video was a lot of fun! I recognized Matt as the man dancing in the VISA Card commercial. I liked how the video began with Matt dancing alone and halfway through the video, people all over the world began joining his dance.

    Compared to the speaker we watched last week, Matt's speech was kind of flat. He didn't speak emotionally like Betsy. But in total, I thought that his speech was simple and easy to understand.

    See you on Tuesday!

    Kanako T2

  20. Hi,Matt!
    I enjoyed the movie and at the same time,I was moved.
    Matt danced with water,mountain,crab,monkey,rain,flower,fish,finally,local people.I believe he was dancing with nature,and nature also responds to him in its way,like waves once covered him.
    And I really appericate his courage to do the things he likes.

    And I was impressed by the pictures he prepared for the speech.It did convey his ideas well.Then he is humurous,which made his speech attracting and interesting.Last but not least,by interacting with audience to end his speech is also creative.

    I like it.

    See you.

    Buke T2

  21. Hi, Matt!

    I watched the video and I was impressed with its contents. He dances with people in the world and their happy dancing and smiles touched me!

    And from his presentation, I found out how he made the video. He used slides with pictures, and it helped me to understand his speech. The way he talks was a little flat, but his speech was simple and easy to understand compared with the ice breaker speech I watched last week.

    See you tomorrow!

    Hiromu T3

  22. Hi, Matt!

    I watched the video. I was moved by that His idea united the people all over the world! Seeing their dancing with a smile, I felt like joining in it.

    Though some parts were hard to listen for me,
    His speech was smooth and simple. His slides were humorous and useful in understanding how he got the participants. Dancing with people at the room was the impressive way to end.

    See you next class!

    Aoi T3

  23. Hi Matt
    I think the first video is so cool!I want to dance with him.
    In second video, I think he spoke a little too fast, but by using photo slides, it made it easier for me to understand what he was talking about.
    See you tomorrow's class.
    T2 Sho

  24. Hi Matt!
    When I wathced the first video, I felt somewhat happy, and I wanna dance with him.
    And I want you and my classmates checking my comment to dance with me if I succeed in making a more interesting and cheerful dance.

    About the second video, I think he gave a good representation.
    He made it easier for his audiences to understand with sophisticated slideshows.
    To my regret, however, we cannot see his smile like the one the angel we watched last week on You Tube gave us in her icebreaker.
    I will make my speech with my best smile.
    See you tomorrow!

    T2 Kazuhiro!

  25. Good evening.

    I was surprised at where he had danced. His dancing was performed at the place we would not go as a travel. So I wondered what makes him to do so. Even though it is funny and gives him pleasure, I won't go to Africa to dance badly.

    T2 Shohei

  26. Hi, Matt.

    Just now, I found that I saw him in the commercial of something. But I didn't know him well.

    In the first video, everyone looks happy without a language. I always think that people can't understand each other perfectly. But wathing that video, I thought that it maybe possible because we need nothing when we share enjoyable time.

    Second video, I think he is very good because he is stately and his voice is easy to hear. But I also think he is walking like hanging about. It's the only bad point of his presentation I think.

    See you tomorrow.

    T3 Sayako

  27. Hi, Matt!

    I really enjoyed the first video. Participants looked happy, and I want to dance with them if I can:)

    I like his presentation too. The slides themselves were funny and simple, and they helped me to understand what he said. However, if he spoke a little slower, his presentation would become better, I think.

    See you tomorrow!

    T2 Tomomi Ki(TIROL)

  28. Hi.
    I really enjoyed the two videos.
    I think dancing has a large power. Dancing is one of the most essential and instinctive activities for humans.
    I want to give such a attractive speech as him.

    T3 Yurie

  29. Hi, Matt!

    His dance was really funny and I enjoyed it!

    In the second video, I was impressed by the meaning his activity had.

    I think one of the reasons he could achieve such a big project was that what connected him with people was "dancing."
    We can dance together even if there is a language barrier.

    T2 Tomomi (Ko)

  30. Hi,Matt.

    When I watched the first video, I was surprised to learn that only dancing with many people can make me interesting.

    Then I watched the second, and I think he tries to do eye contact though there are many data and information to tell.

    A bad point of his presentation is his posture. He moves around frequently.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow's "Opening" class.

    See you tomorrow.

    T3 Shota

  31. Hi, Matt!

    I enjoyed the videos very much! When I saw the first 10 pictures on the first video, I thought Matt was a very eccentric man because he was dancing a strange dance alone. But there were many people dancing with him from the 11th picture, and it was really heart-warming to see them dancing happily.

    As to the second video, I thought his speech was not so good because he was talking too fast.

    See you tomorrow!

    T2 Erika

  32. Hi Matt, NOT Mr.Harding!

    Both videos were so exciting and funny!! I wanna dance with him!XD

    Good points:He explaind how he improved his video from the former one. Showing changes made his speech more interesting. Also, he used hand written pictures in his slides. They were cute!

    Bad points:I think his talking speed was so much fast, even for native audiences. I've listened many English speaches since I started studying this language, and his speech is the fastest so far!

    See you tomorrow!
    T3 Miyuki

  33. Good evening, Matt!!

    I enjoyed the videos!!
    When I saw the first one, I could not help smiling, because it was a happy, heart-warming, peaceful video!! There is no border in dance (I'm not sure if it's a dance, though). He is a real entertainer.

    As for the second one, I thought he spoke too fast. But the expression was simple and plain, and he also used many slides to show his idea or means effectively. If he speaks more slowly and put some pauses, I think his presentation will be much better!!

    See you tomorrow. Have a nice dream!!

    T2 Kaoru

  34. Hi, Matt!

    I really enjoyed the video!
    I thought it was great that he danced in the places where we couldn'd go easily.

    As for the 2nd video, his talking speed was a little fast for me, but his nice illustration helped my understanding.

    See you tomorrow!

    T2 Akari

  35. Hi,Matt!

    The videos were so exciting!
    I learned that people could share enjoyable time without mutual understanding of words.
    I really want to enjoy him!

    About the second video, I liked his slides. It was very cute and was making his presentation easy to understand.

    See you tomorrow!

    T2 Miho

  36. Hi Matt

    I had seen him dancing in a CM, but I did not know his name. I want to go around the world with some unique projects like him.

    His speech is a little fast for me, but I could understand most of it. I like his paintings, they made audiences feel relaxed. I think he should've written information in his slides, because he spoke too many things to understand at once.

    See you

    T3 Kouhei

  37. Hi.

    The dance is wonderful because it looks very fun and makes people happy. Everyone who is dancing is smile. And, the dance has a power that we can get along with people, though the dance is easy for even children and it looks a little strange.
    It may be hard excercising so for a little fat man, it is good exercise, I think. Also, I think it is good that there is a music in the Youtube.

    I think his presentation is good, for there are many photos and something on the backscreen. The pictures and letters are so cute. Also, he looked at audience, and his pronunciation is very clear.
    But I think it is bad that during speech, he went around, it seems that he is not calm.
    However, he is a great man to meet 2387people all over the world.

    see you tomorrow!!
    T2 Sakura

  38. Hi,Matt!
    ahh...I'm very sleepy...
    by the way, thank you for your "follow" in twitter!

    I watched the video.
    It was wonderful!!It makes me smile:)
    If I met Matt(not you:P)that time, I wanted to dance with him.

    I aiso watched his speech.
    I think his speech is fast.I little understand what he said...
    However, the power point on the backscreen is good because it has a lot of pictures.It helped me understand well:)

    ahh~I'll go bed!
    see you tomorrow...woops,today!

    Shiori T3

  39. Hi Matt!!

    I watched the video.
    It was very fun and it cheered me up.I think it is wonderful that we can connect only by dance.Probably, that is one of things he wanted express.
    He must have thought many things during the travel around the world had good experience.I felt that by watching the video.

    The presentation of him was good.
    The contents were ineresting and it gave new information we can't know only by watching it.
    However, I think he should care about the tempo.

    Anyway, his experience was precious and I want experience such woderful things in my life.

    See you later!!!

    T3 Marina

  40. Hi,Matt!
    I haven't seen this video.
    At first he was dancing by himself but,as the video went on,the number of people around him increased with nice song's excitement.This process gave me goose bumps.

    Watching second video,I think his voice was relatively easy to listen though fast.And the slides he made was so interesting and concise so I think it compansated for his speedy tempo.

    Anyway,I'm happy to watch it.Thank you!

    See you tomorrow.

    Urara T3

  41. Hi, Matt!!

    I'm very very sorry for being late to write a comment again. I should see video and write soon after the class on Tuesday!

    The first video made me happy because dancing people looks really happy and excited. I felt like dancing with them. His idea of dancing with many people all over the world is great, I think.

    In the second video, his speaking speed was a little fast, but I managed to understand the content. I enjoyed his speech so much!

    See you soon!

    T2 Iyona

  42. Matt's activity is exactly what I've ever wanted to do. Going around the world and having fun with many many people!

    But I wonder why he COULD carry out his activity. Isn't he in a job? Anyway, I think his activity heavily depended on sponsors. I re-recognized the importance of getting sponsors to realize a dream!

    His last dance at Gnomedex was really impressive.

    T3 Seiya

  43. Hi,Matt!
    I watched the video.I really enjoyed it!
    I thought he was very funny and a great entertainer.
    At the second video,his speaking speed was a little fast, but he explained his dance very well.

    T3 Asuka

  44. I was almost forgetting my writing a comment.
    Matt in this movie play the role model who connects different types of people all over the world. So when you watch this video you can be made happy. It has soft and quite natural but strong message for equality and peace.
    Then in presentation on the contrary he began his speech by saying that I am going to talk about ... It cannot be said it was great introduction. In addition to this slides he used were a liitle mess and I had difficulties in understanding them.
    Ken T3